August 2016 Trip Report: Part 4

Why yes, I am still working on this trip report exactly one year to the day of the trip. Don’t judge, it’s been a busy year around here. 😂 If you haven’t read parts 1-3 of this trip report (or you have, but that was a year ago and you need to catch up) you can head over here 👉 Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Anyway, one year later err… After a quick breakfast at the hotel we were off to Epcot with the plan of experiencing Frozen Ever After for the first time! We didn’t have FastPasses, and we wanted to see Fantasmic that night at Hollywood Studios, so getting to the park early was our best bet for minimizing our way time. We only ended up waiting about 30 minutes, which was perfectly fine because we wanted to see the new queue anyway. Even though I know the theater has been removed from the end of the Maelstrom, my mind is still blown at how different the queue is. Also I have no idea what was happening in the photo below?

Why do I think these ride photos are so hilarious? I assume I was fixing my ears, but for whatever reason I just look terrified. I don’t know what the appeal is of taking ride photos on rides that aren’t scary, because you always end up with a boat full of people just sitting there awkwardly, and it amuses me way more than it probably should.

After Frozen Ever After, we spent some time wandering through World Showcase. We did some shopping and watched Impressions de France, before ultimately getting lunch at San Angel Inn in Mexico. I wish I had photos to share but the lighting in there is honestly the worst for taking food pictures, and I really didn’t know how to take decent photos in that kind of light with my then new camera. We finished off our day in Epcot with a ride on Soarin’ and one of my favorites, Journey Into Imagination before heading over to Hollywood Studios.

When we got to Hollywood Studios, we actually changed up the way we usually visit the park and headed straight down Sunset Boulevard.

Something very important was about to happen on Sunset Boulevard, Theresa was going to ride Rock n’ Rollercoaster for the first time! I’m not sure how you’re supposed to react to riding it for the first time, because I pretty much hated it for the next 18 times I rode it until I finally began to feel okay with it, and Theresa was not ready to line up to ride it again once we get off. Do people actually go on rollercoasters and genuinely enjoy them for the first time??

Not bad for her first time? Can you guess what we did next in Hollywood Studios? … You’re exactly right! We went to the Launch Bay to meet Kylo Ren, because we were determined to get a good photo of him that we didn’t look incredibly flustered or awkward in. As usual it didn’t work, but don’t worry we make one more attempt before the end of the trip.

This might be the best Kylo Ren photo of the trip, and that really isn’t saving much. At least we tried? We really need to get over ourselves, we get way too flustered by the dark side. 😂

Following this wonderful experience, we wandered through One Man’s Dream and then over to the Frozen Singalong. This was actually my first time at the singalong and I’m honestly shocked to say that I LOVED IT. When I worked in Hollywood Studios, it was temporarily housed in a building right in Streets of America. I could see it from some of the positions we worked outside of Lights, Motors, Action! but I constantly put off going to it basically because “ugh more Frozen.” It was so entertaining though, seriously I was shocked. I expected it to be more like Enchanted Tales with Belle or Turtle Talk with Crush in that it would be geared more exclusively for kids and not really entertaining for adults at all but it was great– I highly recommend it (especially now where Hollywood Studios is really short on attractions).

I’m kind of ashamed to talk about what came next… but it’s something we need to talk about. You see, Theresa and I have this problem with self control. While we had some time to kill before Fantasmic started that night we decided to get ice cream, right on Sunset Boulevard across from the amphitheater where Fantasmic takes place. After enjoying our cups of ice cream, we began walking towards Fantasmic to grab our seats for the show when we saw the most beautiful baked potatoes the world had ever seen. These potatoes were actually on a table being eaten by other guests, and we just looked each other and knew we had to have those potatoes.

Trying to be reasonable we had a brief discussion that went something like, “But we just had ice cream,” WE LITERALLY JUST HAD ICE CREAM.. We were throwing the empty ice cream cups away when we saw this baked potato. We then tried to justify not getting that 1 POUND of baked, cheesy, bacony heaven by pointing out that we wanted to get our seats for Fantasmic, but then we had the genius idea to bring the potatoes into Fantasmic with us. It seemed like a win-win. So there we were, camping out at our seats in Fantasmic with potatoes that literally weighed one pound. This isn’t something I’m proud of, but this was the absolute best potato I have ever had. I don’t even know how to describe it, aside from the cheese and bacon the potato itself was just so… perfect. Moral of the story, if you ever see baked potatoes in Disney, just go for it. You may be full of unnecessary calories and regret, but it’s totally worth it, right?

I hate to end this part of the trip report on a potato… (or do I?) but I don’t have any other pictures from that night (I think my phone/camera probably died) and since there is a lot to write about the next day I’m going to hold off for a separate post. Hope you enjoyed hearing about our potato and awkward Kylo Ren adventures! Check back for the next part soon! 🙂

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