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Castle Party is a collaborative lifestyle and travel blog focusing on Disney vacations and other destinations we think Disney fans will love! Our site contains resources and inspiration curated by a talented group of content creators who are passionate about sharing their love of travel with you. Join our community by using #castlepartylife and inspire magical living in your day-to-day life!



I (Brittany DiCologero) started Castle Party with my fiancé (Chaz Saldi) in 2017 after re-branding our just-for-fun Disney blog into a full online community. We’ve always shared a love of Disney, and since moving away from Orlando, FL we’ve been looking to stay active in the Disney fan community, and Castle Party is the perfect way for us to do so!

We noticed one huge difference between us and many of the other Disney fans though– most of them were families visiting the theme parks with kids, whereas we are child-less twenty somethings who love every aspect of the Walt Disney Company– not just the theme parks, and not just kid-friendly activities.

Our “Disney community” was the one we knew from the online Disney College Program community. This experience let us befriend other fans whose interests more closely aligned with ours, but after the program many of us seemed to lose touch. Moreover, there are plenty of like-minded Disney fans who never do the Disney College Program, and with only all encompassing “family style” groups as the norm it still felt impossible to get to know those fans. And so Castle Party was born.

We’re growing all the time, and we love finding new and exciting destinations for our readers to experience in addition to Disney parks and resorts. Follow along and you can catch us covering new locations across the country, including other theme parks, museums and historic sites, live performance venues, beaches, and more!



If you’re completely new to Disney travel, check out some of our trip planning posts. In this section, you’ll find everything you need to know about planning a Disney vacation without having to sort through info about things like childcare and stroller parking:

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With Castle Party, we’re hoping to create a community for all of those Disney fans like us that feel slightly out of place in your run of the mill Disney group. This is a space for the DisneyBounders, cosplayers, Star Wars and Marvel fans, foodies and wine lovers, movie, and of course travel enthusiasts to gather in one place and share a community with one another.

We hope you join us on social media by using #castlepartylife and by joining the discussion on our Facebook page. Want to be more involved? You can learn more about our current staff of writers and vloggers here, or about writing for us yourself here, or you can always get in touch via email here.