Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Disney’s Famous Turkey Legs

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Disney’s Famous Turkey Legs

And no they are not really emu. The turkey legs offered in Disney parks are just one of the strangest treat products you’ll possibly see at any type of amusement park, or well, anywhere. Turkey legs have actually been going solid as a cherished Disney reward because their launching in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland in the late 1980s. Today the turkey leg is marketed in each park at Disneyland and also the Walt Disney World Resort.

Photo: Disney

Consuming a turkey leg has actually ended up being such a remarkable experience for Disney followers the business has actually also developed product based upon the treat. Check out a few of the stores in the amusement park (or make use of the Shop Disney Park mobile application) and also you might discover tee shirts, sweatshirts, hats, magnets, essential chains, and also cars and truck air freshners committed to this traditional amusement park treat … or dish relying on just how you consider it.

A turkey leg evaluates a monstrous 1.5 pounds. as well as has 720 calories. (But calories do not trust holiday right …?) For a much less calorie reward, you can most likely attempt the turkey leg Rice Krispie deal with, which can be found in at just concerning 300 calories. In all severity however, the high calorie matter schedules partly to the dimension of the legs as well as in just how they are prepared.

Picture: Disney

Disney’s turkey legs are so big since they originate from bigger turkeys. It’s really rather basic to comprehend so I’m not rather certain why the ludicrous reports that the turkey legs are really emu legs exist. Many Thanks Zachary Levi. In situation you missed it, this report resurfaced last month when the Tangled voice star took place Conan O’Brien declaring that his “pals that have actually operated in the parks” informed him that turkey legs are really emu.

This report simply does not intend to pass away, however that’s all right considering that it isn’t a tough one to unmask. First points initially, the turkey legs are so huge since they are from toms, or male turkeys that have a tendency to evaluate concerning 50 pounds. Where the turkeys you possibly offer at Thanksgiving supper might appear a great deal smaller sized, they are not a various pet entirely, they are merely chickens.

If you’ve ever before seen an emu, and even an image of an emu, it must be evident that an emu leg is a lot bigger than a turkey leg you can bring about in one hand. In addition to these standard truths, the ham-like preference actually should not be dubious because anything that is infused with salt water and also hickory smoked has a tendency to have a comparable preference.

With over 1.5 million turkeys eaten in both Disneyland as well as Walt Disney World annually, they are most certainly among one of the most prominent park treats. That being claimed, I am in fact not a follower. The oily appearance may do it for some individuals however it actually does not do it for me. As well as absolutely nothing turns me off greater than viewing one household take attacks and also circulate the exact same turkey leg. Gross.

However I do obtain their allure, and also although I’m not a follower of consuming them the product is adorable and also I absolutely comprehend why individuals do enjoy them. Where do you stand? Are they an essential for you like they are for Chaz or is the oil way too much for you also?

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