Disney College Program Character Attendant Role Interview with Kate Forehand, Hollywood Studios ’15

Disney College Program Character Attendant Role Interview with Kate Forehand, Hollywood Studios ’15

This Disney University Program function meeting includes Kate Forehand, that functioned as a Personality Assistant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios throughout the Springtime 2015 program. While on her program, Kate was researching at University of Delaware, where she learnt English and also Theatre.

Q: What made you wish to do the Disney College Program?
A: I have actually constantly enjoyed Disney and also the magic it gives individuals’s lives. It has actually constantly been an objective of mine to be a component of the magic and also aid bring it to life, so the Disney College Program was the impressive chance that enabled me to comply with that desire.

Q: What was your duty as well as place?
A: I was a Character Attendant at Hollywood Studios, yet as an Attendant you have the capacity to operate in any kind of park, anytime you desire.

Q: Was it your front runner? Otherwise, what was?
A: It was my front runner!

Q: What was your training like?
A: We had a four-day training duration where we mosted likely to every park and also checked out their various personality places, just how to reach each base, just how to reach each place, and also what various areas require and also do not require. After that we had 2 days that we invested in EPCOT where we did appear collections with training entertainers and also we headed out right into the park for concerning 15-20 mins as well as satisfied visitors. Our fitness instructors reviewed us while this was occurring. While doing this we needed to communicate with our personality, producing stories and also making certain visitors recognized what the personality desired or was stating to them. We took photos if required, as well as we shut our lines when the personalities needed to go away, and also made a story for why the personality is leaving. We did this for 2 days as well as our fitness instructors examined us and also exactly how we did. We after that took an examination to make certain that we had actually discovered every little thing we required to be a fantastic personality assistant.

Q: What did you like a lot of around your duty?
A: Gosh, is every little thing a response? Simply really belonging of making the personalities revive as well as seeing the visitors’ responses to the personalities. Belonging of the stories of your preferred personalities was fantastic. Seeing exactly how delighted each visitor is when the reach hug the personality they have actually matured viewing is really a remarkable experience.

Q: What did you like the very least?
A: Well, you obtain chewed out a whole lot by visitors. It’s difficult to inform a person that their favored personality is leaving for the day and also they do not reach fulfill them. Visitors do not often tend to be as well satisfied when you inform them this. Yet, you provide the details you can around exactly how they can satisfy them one more day and also smile via it.

Q: Would you advise this duty to a pal?
A: Without an uncertainty!

Q: What guidance would certainly you have for brand-new CPs in this function?
A: Don’t allow the visitors chewing out you obtain you down. You are doing your task and also there is absolutely nothing you can do. Bear in mind that you belong of making the magic as well as a component of making the visitors grin, and also while you might not be obtaining the hugs you belong of the factor that they can obtain hugs. Bear in mind that stories are necessary, you do not need to be innovative yet speak to the visitor regarding what the personality is doing and also engage with both of them. The entertainer will certainly value it and also the visitor will certainly have an unforgettable communication.

Q: What have you depended on given that your program finished?
A: I took part in the Disney Alumni Program last summertime and also I completed my level in English and also Theatre. I am presently operating at a cinema in Richmond as their Company Manager.

Q: Any strategies to go back to Disney as a Cast Member?
A: It is constantly in the rear of my mind. I would certainly like to return someday to making magic, so that understands!

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