10 Tips for a Perfect Disneyland Day

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A Perfect Disneyland Day is Possible

Hooray! A Perfect Disneyland day is what everyone wants! It’s time to go to the Disneyland Resort. Your kids are going to love to see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck wandering Main Street U.S.A.

Perfect Disneyland Day

You need to Look Forward to a Perfect Disneyland Day. And the kids are going to be itching to wear a pair of mickey ears!

Are you ready for a SoCal vacation and a perfect Disneyland Day? Do you want to make sure you see everything humanly possible and ride the attractions like there is no tomorrow? Of course you do!

My 10 Tips Offer Great Ideas

My 10 tips for a perfect Disneyland day will help you make the most of your day at the theme park. You need to be ready to experience the best vacation ever and it’s a good idea to have some details of what to expect before you arrive. Even if it’s just a half day! You are going to have a great time! And the most important part is embracing your experience so you have fun, feel like you got your money’s worth and made some amazing memories.

My 10 Tips for a Perfect Disneyland Day:

  1. Make a list of the items you will need for your day. This can include tickets, passport, driver’s license, food, drinks, sunscreen, hats, snacks, and anything else you may need.  Put these in one bag (preferably something like a backpack). This will help you NOT lose anything. It will be in one place with one person responsible.
  2. Have a location picked in case you get lost, lose your phone or there is any other emergency. If everyone in your party knows where to do, then if something happens everyone knows what to do.
  3. Kick off your morning with the rides you want to do first. Attractions fill up fast. Don’t wait until the middle of the day to do your favorite attraction. Start with that and then decide on your next option.
  4. Use the app to help mitigate the lines. As you want to do your favorites first, pick out what you will stand in line for and what you will reserve. Be strategic to get the perfect morning started. Remember, the park is the busiest from 3pm until closing. Your prime riding time should be in the morning.
  5. Plan your arrival time at Disneyland so that you can get started as soon as possible. Most people arrive around 8:00 am to start the day. We suggest you arrive earlier and have breakfast in the car once you’ve parked your vehicle in the parking structure. Or snack outside in the Disneyland lines where people will be mingling
  6. Make sure to have enough money on hand to purchase food and drinks in Disneyland. Prices tend to be higher than in the outside world. You might not want to have coins either. It’s a cashless world at Disney, so have a credit card or prepaid debit card ready to speed up the purchasing process at the dining counters, souvenir stores and other places.
  7. Bring plenty of sunscreen and hats for the hot California sun. In the summer, it doesn’t need to be sunny for you to get sunburnt either. It can get very hot inside the parks during the day with the pavement, people and sun beating down. You will save some cash if you bring a hat instead of buying one there.
  8. If you are visiting Disneyland during the holidays, be sure to check the park’s hours of operation beforehand to make sure it is open on your vacation. Lately the park has been closing for special events, unique situations and other reasons. It’s advisable to check up to the night before for your vacation. Sometimes there are extra hours of operation that are not advertised so keep an eye for signs at the front entrance.
  9. If you have children with you, be sure to bring along their favorite snacks and drinks in case they get hungry or thirsty during your visit. The kids will be drawn to all the sweet treats. Try to mitigate this by bringing reasonable alternatives for the day. In the summer juice, water and even iced drinks will be needed to keep the kids cool.
  10. Finally, make sure to enjoy yourself! Disneyland is a fun place for everyone – no matter what you do, your family should have a great time.
In Conclusion

A perfect Disney Day is what you can have with your family! All you need to do is make plans, follow my tips and get ready for an awesome time on your Disney Vacation!

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