8 Places to See Sites Near Disneyland for Family-Friendly Fun

8 Places to See Sites Near Disneyland for Family-Friendly Fun

Go To Places Near Disneyland

What is near Disneyland? If you are going to Anaheim, Disneyland is a family-friendly vacation spot that’s been a big part of American culture for decades. Saying hello to Mickey Mouse is a family vacation favorite!  If you go to Disneyland, it’s also a great idea to check out the surrounding area and visit other locations that are part of the family friendly fun community.

Near Disneyland Ideas

Did you know there are attractions suitable for the whole family? It’s a good resource to have,  just in case you can’t get a reservation to the theme park or need a little down time from the happiest place on earth. Plus, the community surrounding the theme park is full of history, culture and art! Why not not enjoy as much as you can on your vacation.

As you might expect, the idea of going to Disneyland is amazing, but there are places in the Anaheim, Orange County and even in Los Angeles area your family  can visit too. This article will show you some of the close-by spots worth visiting to make sure your little ones have their fill of fun on your family vacation.

Where is Near Disneyland?

Near Disneyland, technically if you are looking at a map, could be a few miles or 20 minutes away. Surrounded by a metropolitan area, there is plenty to see and do in almost every direction. While you might be interested in certain locations, you can easily access places via car, bus and even Uber. While we always encourage a day at Disneyland, there is a whole new world of family-friendly attractions awaits outside of 1313 Harbor Boulevard. 

Other attractions at Near Disneyland

If you are looking for other  family-friendly attractions near the park, you definitely have a large choice to consider. Including places that Mickey Mouse has other attractions to ride at.

  1. Spend the Day at Disney California Adventure Park. This park is home to attractions like Soarin’ Over California and Cars Land, as well as a wide variety of dining options. There’s also a water ride and playground for the little ones to enjoy. This is a great place to enjoy the day, check out a few rides and relax as the sun sets in the Pacific.
  2. Stroll the streets of Downtown Disney. While you don’t have any rides, you can go shopping to pick up a few great souvenirs. The tempo of this location still has Mickey’s influence and it’s fun for the kids too. There are plenty of great dining options too, so you won’t go hungry! 
  3. The Disney Store. This retail destination is home to all sorts of fun toys and clothes related to all your favorite Disney movies and TV shows. You might find yourself lost at this fun location only steps from the gates of Disneyland.  It also has a wide selection of books, snacks, drinks, and more.
  4. The Disney Outlet Store. nestled in the Citadel Outlet mall, this store is a score for Disney fans who want merchandise without all the sticker shock. You’ll love the merchandise from the park at discount and you’ll appreciate all the items the Disney Store offers as well!  One of a kind clearances are always a good buy here!
  5. Go Play at Knott’s Berry Farm. This amusement park is chock-full of rides, games, and attractions that will have kids entertained for hours on end. Some favorites include the amazing roller coasters, the fried chicken and the ghost town. It’s not Mickey’s joint, but Snoopy won’t mind you stopping by!
  6. Angel Stadium. This historic ballpark is one of the most iconic baseball venues in Southern California. On a beautiful summer day, going for a day of baseball or softball action is a perfect idea. There are also plenty of picnic areas available nearby if you need to pack a lunch!
  7. Get to the beach. There are a number of beach areas close to the Disneyland Resort to visit. Even if you don’t have a car, there are buses and shuttles that will take you to the seashore within minutes. All you need to do is make a reservation.
  8. Head North to Downtown Los Angeles. only 20 minutes by car, you can enjoy checking out one of the biggest cities in the United States. Free DTLA walking tours are available for guests who want to learn more about the city, check out Chinatown, Little Tokyo or even the Alvarado Street area.
  9. Make a day of it at the Getty. Full of great art museums, there is plenty of amazing museums to enjoy. The Getty has two museums, the Space Museum, the National History Museum and even the Orange County Kids museum. All offer fun opportunities to explore.
  10. Get all Presidential. If you want to see a little Presidential history, the Nixon Library and the Reagan Library are close enough to check out for a day trip. So is the Lincoln Memorial Shrine honoring President Lincoln.
  11. Go see Homer Simpson. About 30 minutes away you can check out the other popular theme park in the area, Universal Studios Hollywood. There are plenty of fast coasters, themed areas and dining options to enjoy a full day.

Near Disneyland, there are plenty of family-friendly attractions that you and your kids can enjoy together. There are plenty of great choices, and each one offers a unique experience.  We couldn’t be more excited to recommend not only the mouse house, but other places close by. You won’t be disappointed to experience a unique and fun opportunity for the family vacation! From exciting rides to amazing exhibits, Near Disneyland has something for everyone

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