Top 10 Universal Studios Hollywood Vacation Tips

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Universal Studios Hollywood vacation? Yes, Please!

Who doesn’t want to go on a Universal Studios Hollywood vacation? The theme park is one of the best places to visit in southern California! In the heart of Los Angeles, the fun begins with a variety of rides, attractions and live shows. Add all the food you can enjoy and it can be a perfect trip.

If you’ve never been to Universal Studios Hollywood, there is no doubt you are looking for advice around planning your trip!

That’s why you are here, right?

Universal Studios Hollywood Vacation

My Universal Studios Hollywood tips offer ideas to have a great time and might even give you ideas to stretch your vacation fun further.

Get the Most Out of Universal Studios Hollywood Vacation

You have to know that Universal Studios Hollywood is a bit of a tourist trap. It  doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time on your vacation. Just expect to see others in the area vacationing as well!

Also, it’s a little more expensive on property, be it the CityWalk property or Universal Studios as they cater to vacation goers and guests. So you might need more cash than you originally expected for your vacation.

Don’t worry though. If you consider our tips, figure out ways to cut extra expenses by planning and stick to a schedule (even if it’s a simple itinerary you can save cash.) Many people love this theme park and have spent countless hours riding the attractions.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your Universal Studios Vacation: 

  1. Get tickets in advance. The lines can be long, and it’s not always worth it to wait in line for hours just to get in the park. Plus, you might find better deals if you start to look for tickets when you plan your vacation. Tickets go on sale several weeks in advance, so start planning your trip early!
  2. Plan the ride times as best as you can. Yes, they’re fun, but they also take up a lot of time and energy. Make sure the minute to arrive you head to the ride you want to go on the most first. During down times explore the various themed areas of the park. This will offer a relaxing change of pace while still appreciating all the theme park. Remember there’s plenty to see and do!
  3. Stick to daytime hours for the Universal Studio rides. The evenings can be quite busy, especially during the summer. In fact,  if you can, try to visit during the day when it’s less crowded. If not, then check out the attendance crowd calendars online for the best times. Coming a little early OR during a certain time of the day could bring you more rides!
  4. Use the Universal Studios Hollywood Apps and guides for help when you arrive. There are plenty of employees who can help you find your way around the park, but if you can cut down time by knowing where you are going (or almost knowing) it saves time waiting for directions.
  5. Take advantage of the park’s lineless system: the Fast pass.  This feature lets you reserve rides in advance on selected attractions. Fast Pass tickets are good for one hour from the time of purchase. You can also get a selection of Fast Pass options at the park’s kiosks. If you don’t have time, this is your best option!
  6. Be aware of which rides are closing before the park closes. Universal Studios Hollywood typically closes down its major attractions 45 minutes before their scheduled close time. Make sure you know what attractions will be closing early in order to plan ahead and avoid disappointing moments/
  7. Pack snacks and drinks. Of course, the park has multiple food stands and drink options. And you might really want to check those out. Yet  it’s always a good idea to bring along snacks and drinks in case the lines get too long or you get hungry. Then, once you have a break, go to the places you’d like to eat at.
  8. Make use of Universal Studios Hollywood’s photo opportunities. Pictures are worth a thousand words! Having access to different photo spots is a great way to remember your trip.
  9. Always use common sense when visiting the park.  Stay out of areas marked off and make sure you keep your wallet in the front pocket. There are dozens of cameras in the theme park, but even so crime can happen.
  10. Stay hydrated while visiting Universal Studios Hollywood. Depending on the time of year it can be very hot and could be even humid at the theme park. Bring plenty of water, and drink water regularly throughout your visit.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to have fun on your next vacation, Universal Studios Hollywood is a perfect place to take the family. Offering amazing rides, fun themed areas and even some amazing food, you will be swept away from everyday life and transported into fun! It’s a wonderful way to make family vacation memories too!

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