What to Wear to Disneyland In July

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What to Wear to Disneyland In July

Wondering what to wear to Disneyland in July? The hot days of Southern California Summer months is going to be a wonderful time to visit the Disneyland resort. The theme parks will be ready to greet you and your family on vacation and if it’s your first time, you will have a blast. Depending on whether you are going on a holiday weekend like Memorial Day Weekend or any other summer day, you might want to make a packing list of clothing to take. You have picked a good time of year to go to see Star Wars, Mickey Mouse and even California Adventure. It’s a Magical place with your favorite character from Disney

Wear To Disneyland In July

The Threads Mickey Desires

The Disney Dress code is in full effect on the Disneyland Resort property. If you are looking to enjoy the day, do be mindful of what is expected. The great thing about the dress code is that it is posted online and on property, so there is no surprises. Of course, you can bring your Mickey ears and reasonable looking clothing. While it’s rare to be asked to change clothes, the biggest issue is people wearing too little of clothing or offensive statements on clothing. This dress code shouldn’t be overlooked as it’s important information that you will need to get away today and since you bought park tickets you want to play at the theme park.

Check the Weather

The Disneyland Park is in a place where it always is sunny, but occasionally there are rainy days. Mostly unexpected and the locals will be alarmed, but it could rain in July. The sunny days are in your favor, but be prepared by checking on you phone app or watching the local news for the latest details. The weather forecast, for the most part will be average temperatures for July. The warmer weather of the season is all about the summer heat.

Think about Your Clothing For All Day

So the idea of what to wear might sound weird, but the best option is to layer for the day. You will need a coat for the early morning hours and evening hours. The middle of the day will be very hot. So you could bring a light jacket, a pair of shorts and a long sleeve shirt to alternate for the day.

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You could simply carry around your extra (preferably light) clothes in a backpack or you could easily rent a locker to keep all the extra items in the small container and return as needed. If you do decide to rent a locker, bring extra bottled water to stick in there to save some extra cash! You can run back to pick up what you need as you have wait times for the different attractions.

Get a Locker

If you’re not thinking a locker is feasible, consider a scheduled break back to your hotel room. This is a great way to enjoy your Disney vacation as you set a time to relax and stop thinking about long lines. When you break midday you can easily change your clothing and be refreshed when you go back to the amusement parks. This also means you could pull out your bathing suit and take a dip in the pool

Comfortable Shoes

It’s a good idea to have comfortable shoes (and we’d even recommend more than one pair) so you can walk around comfortably. There will be a lot of walking, standing and waiting so you want your toes to be happy. Also, you need to consider the heat that the streets of Main Street USA will be throwing off during the middle of the day. it gets so hot you won’t be able to sit on the curb without laying down a piece of clothing. Our favorite? Tennis shoes during our Disney trip.

What type of shirts should you wear to Disneyland in July?

We don’t recommend that you wear sweatshirts or heavy shirts. However, if you wear a long sleeves in the early mornings, you will be comfortable. Then you probably will be too hot by noon and wishing for short sleeve shirts. many people prefer a jean jacket in the warmer months at Disneyland as you can have a light t-shirt or tank top on and then the jacket sleeves can be rolled up, if too hot, or taken off altogether. You could do the same with a light sweater. California weather is going to be warm at some point. Don’t worry there won’t be any really cold weather!

Shorts or No Shorts?

In July you might want to wear shorts if you are going on a Disneyland trip. Sometimes you will see people wear jeans and they get too hot so they buy a pair of shorts at one of the Disneyland stores which is an extra cost (and unexpected too). You might think it’s too cold to be wearing shorts in the spring months, but locals wear shorts every month of the year so they really don’t know when is the coldest month as they are used to the weather.

Fireworks? Night Could be Hot or Cold in July

All the special events are found to be crowd pleasers. Add that they offer a wonderful experience and the kids might even think it would be the best time of the whole trip, you can’t afford to miss any of the scheduled activities. That’s why we recommend you consider a light towel or jacket you can sit on as a good option to watch the events in front of the castle. Be it the Disneyland fireworks that light up the sky or the 3-o-clock parade, you will have the great option of doing what you feel is best.

Use Your Best Discretion for the Days you go

As the Disney Tickets you have will vary from others, I can only suggest you consider what your family needs for the the day and use common sense. Of course many will need short sleeves, but if anyone in your party burns easy, an important thing would be a little bit more clothing than others. A heavier jacket and a wide brim hat might also be recommended.

Watch out for Getting Wet

All bets are off when you are having a good time, get on water rides and get soaked. The crazy thing is it takes quite a bit of time to dry off, even when it’s very hot. When you know you are going to enjoy the water ride attractions at the Disneyland resort you should wear tank tops, flip flops and put your cell phone in a plastic bag. You will have a great time on Splash Mountain, Grizzly River Run or any of the other water rides, plus you will have the chance to go more than once as your outfit is ready.

Be Prepared to be Warmed Up in July

The Warm days of July are no joke. the happiest place on earth does take a toll on the body. Whether you are going on your favorite rides with your best friend or waiting in line with the family, be mindful of how you feel. The best way you have fun is to stay in the moment. You will be in big crowds and distracted with all the amazing things to explore at Disneyland. So don’t forget to stay hydrated and relax.

Drink Water

It’s important to have plenty to water, stay in the shade if possible and you can ask for free ice water around the Disney parks if you need it. If you feel dizzy you can ask a cast member for assistance and even go to their medical station to get assistance. Any Disney Vacation, be it at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris and of course the Disneyland Resort will help guests who might have heat stroke or become overheated. Another option is a refillable water bottle for getting as much water as you need.

In conclusion: Is July the right time of the year for you?

Many people ask if the idea of visiting Disneyland in July is the perfect time. There will be high daytime temperatures and the night time will be cool. And there will be a billion other people. that’s way many people prefer the winter months for their Disneyland vacation. The cold days are in the high 60s and their favorite disney character is still there, but it’s less crowded. However, during those months you need long sleeve shirts for sure. The chilly mornings are also expected. All those extra clothes you will need for the cooler temperatures will mean you pack layers to stay warm.

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